November: More Figures from Interior Space
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Apples among Pines "...that which all measure transcends
is still to be lifted up and offered,
when one willingly, throughout /
   a long life,
wants but this one thing and /
   grows and is silent."

from the Second Part
of the
New Poems,
by Rainer Maria Rilke 

This week, an image of Wild
Apple Fall
 Also: a new
translation from the German.

The guest poem for this week is a new English translation from the work of the German language 
Rainer Maria Rilke (from the Rilke website, a concise hyperlinked biography).

Der Apfelgarten


Komm gleich nach dem Sonnenuntergange,
sieh das Abendgrün des Rasengrunds;
ist es nicht, als hätten wir es lange
angesammelt und erspart in uns,

um es jetzt aus Fühlen und Erinnern,
neuer Hoffnung, halbvergeßnem Freun,
noch vermischt mit Dunkel aus dem Innern,
in Gedanken vor uns hinzustreun

unter Bäume wie von Dürer, die
das Gewicht von hundert Arbeitstagen
in den überfüllten Früchten tragen,
dienend, voll Geduld, versuchend, wie

das, was alle Maße übersteigt,
noch zu heben ist und hinzugeben,
wenn man willig, durch ein langes Leben
nur das Eine will und wächst und schweigt.

Der Neuen Gedichte anderer Teil
The Apple Orchard


Come just after the setting of the sun,
see the evening green of the grassy ground;
is it not as if we had for a long time
taken it into ourselves and saved it,

sensing it now as feeling and remembrance,
new hope, half-forgotten joys,
yet now mixed with interior darkness,
to scatter it before us in thought

under trees like those of Durer, that
carry the weight of a hundred
workdays in the overfilled fruits,
serving, full of patience, trying, like

that which all measure transcends,
is still to be lifted up and offered,
when one willingly, throughout a long life,
wants but this one thing and grows and is silent.

from: New Poems, the other Part.

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