RILKE | March: The Time in Stones
Glacier Landscape, the Alps "...inner worlds now
the most practiced /
   of distances, as
the other side of thin air:
no longer habitable."

from To Music, a poem
by Rainer Maria Rilke 

This week, an image called
Glacier Landscape.
Also: a new translation
from the German.

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The guest poem for this week is a new English translation from the work of the German
language poet,
Rainer Maria Rilke (from the Rilke website, a concise hyperlinked biography).

The Time in Stones

'Ik droomde, dat ik langzaam leefde...
langzamer dan de oudste steen.' *

   M. Vasalis

"I dreamed that I lived slowly...
more slowly than the oldest stone."


Und du wartest, erwartest das Eine,
das dein Leben unendlich vermehrt;
das Mächtige, Ungemeine,
das Erwachen der Steine,
Tiefen, dir zugekehrt.
Es dämmern im Bücherständer
die Bände in Gold und Braun;
und du denkst an durchfahrene Länder,
an Bilder, an die Gewänder
wiederverlorener Fraun.

Und da weißt du auf einmal: das war es.
Du erhebst dich, und vor dir steht
eines vergangenen Jahres
Angst und Gestalt und Gebet.

Das Buch der Bilder

And you wait, expecting that one thing
that your life endlessly shall multiply;
that one powerful, immense thing,
the awakening of stones,
depths, coming back to you.
Volumes of gold and brown emerge
as dawn out of the bookshelves;
and you reflect upon lands traveled through,
on images, on the garments
of women lost once again.

And then suddenly you realize: that was it.
You rise up and before you stands
the fear and shape and prayer
of a year gone by.

(tr. Cliff Crego)


THIS IS a line by line, or phrase by phrase,
reading. I do this to give one an idea of I
work to capture something of the rhythm, resosance
and sound of the original German.


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