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The Rilke Archive

bi-weekly presentations
of the poetry of
Rainer Maria Rilke

photography, commentary
and translations

by Cliff Crego

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clip of cotongrass (41) October: Cotton
Grass and the Landscapes
of Enchantment
Sonnets to Orpheus [PART TWO] X and IV
O this is the creature that does not exist.

clip of mountain fall (40) September:
Mountain Fall
Inital and Autumn
The leaves are falling, falling as if from afar,
as if withered in the distant gardens of heaven;
with nay-saying gestures they fall.

clip of clear water (39) September: Clear
Sonnets to Orpheus XVa[PART TWO]
O fountain mouth, giver, you mouth which
speaks inexhaustibly of that one, pure thing,—

clip of gandschijen (38) August: Moving Up
into Mountain Time II
Sonnets to Orpheus XXVIa[PART TWO]

Torn away from us again and again
is the god of the place which heals.

clip of lochberg east (37) August: Moving Up
into Mountain Time
Sonnets to Orpheus XXVIIa[PART TWO]

Does Time the Destroyer really exist?
When, on the mountain, will it bring /
   down the fortress?

clip of lily (36) Julye: Moments
Out of Time
Sonnets to Orpheus VIIIa[PART ONE]

Call me to that one of your hours
that resists you without pause:

clip of moor (35) July: The Rhythms
of Work in Poetry
Sonnets to Orpheus Ia[PART ONE]

Already, listen, do you hear the work
of raking, again in the human rhythm
within the restrained silence of the strong
spring earth. ...

clip of glacier stream (34) June: Moments
Out of Time
Entrance; Corpse Washing;
The Sisters; Before Summer Rain
...See how differently they carry and understand
upon themselves the same possibilities,
as if one were to see different eras
pass through two identical rooms....

clip of moor (33) June: The View
to Infinity and Back
[It's possible, I'm moving through
the hard veins
[You, mountain, who
remained because the mountains came

[My life is not this vertical hour];
The Solitary One

clip of moor (32) June: Every Poem
a Prayer
[I believe in everything not yet said];
Lamnet; Prayer

O How everything is so far away
and so long ago departed.

clip of moor (31) May: Thye Poetry of
Coming and Going
[I 'm too alone in the world, and yet not
alone enough
];; Departure
How I've come to sense this thing /
called departure.

clip of moor (30) April: Alder
Archaic Torso of Apollo;
The Gazelle

Enchanted being: how can the harmony of two
chosen words ever achieve the rhyme,
as with a sign, that comes and goes in you.

clip of moor (29) April: Willow
Out of an April
Then it is quiet. Even the rain goes more softly
over the stones' peacefully darkening shine.

clip of moor (28) April: A Light too
Bright to Bear
Early Apollo; Sonnet to Orpheus

As when sometimes through the still leafless
branches a morning appears that is already
wholly spring:

clip of glacier (27) March: The Time
in Stones
And you wait, expecting that one thing
that your life endlessly shall multiply;
that one powerful, immense thing,

clip of blinnen (26) March: The Music
in Things
Anxiousness; Lament; To Music
Music: you stranger. Passion which
has outgrown us. Our inner most being,
transcending, driven out of us,—

clip of glaciermelt (25) February: Images from
the Periphery of Time
Eve; Death Experience
We know nothing of this going away, that
shares nothing with us...

clip of glaciermelt (24) February: Mountain
Love Song; At the Edge of Night;
A Woman in Love; Sonnets to Orpheus XII II

How shall I hold on to my soul, so that
it does not touch yours? How shall I gently
lift it up over you on to other things?

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clip of deepsnow (23) February: After Storm,
New Snow—clearing
The Mountain; Black Cat; A Woman
in Love
; The Reader

Six and thirty times and hundred times
the painter tried to capture the mountain,
tore it up, then pushed on again
(six and thirty times and hundred times)

clip of dark-light (22) January: Winter
[O beautiful sheen of the shy mirror image!];
[Inconstant scales of Life]; Palm of the Hand

Inconstant scales of Life,
always vacillating, how rarely
does a facile weight dare
announce itself to the soon vanishing
opposite load.

clip of ribbons (21) January: Winter
[Behind the innocent trees]; [And once I took
between my two hands your face
]; A Walk

...O and the lovers soon-to-be
smile at each other, still departureless,
their destiny rising and falling
upon them like clusters of stars,

clip of granitewater (20) December: Clear Water,
Smooth Granite and the Flow
of Compassion
Solemn Hour; Title Page (from The Voices)
Whoever cries now somewhere in the world,
without reason cries in the world,
cries about me.

clip of applefall (19) November: More Figures
from Interior Space
The Apple Orchard
Come just after the setting of the sun,
see the evening green of the grassy ground;
is it not as if we had for a long time
taken it into ourselves and saved it,

clip of reddrops (18) November: Figures
from Interior Space
Piano Practice;
A Woman going Blind

The drone of summer. /
   The fatigue of afternoon;
she airs confusedly her new dress
and places in the thoughtful etude
all the anxious waiting for a world


clip of icespring (17) October: Fall Ice,
Mountain Spring
Sonnets to Orpheus XXIX {SECOND PART]
(This is the last poem of the cycle)

Silent friend of many distances, feel
how your breath still multiplies all space.

clip of starlings (16) October: Fall Starlings
and a Poplar Tree
Sonnets to Orpheus XXIX {FIRST PART]
(This is the first poem of the cycle)
There rose a tree. O pure transcendence!
O Orpheus sings! O high tree of the ear.

clip of staghorn (15) September: The Staghorn
Sumac and the Poetry
of Listening
Sonnets to Orpheus X [SECOND PART]
All achievement is threatened /
   by the machine, as long
as it dares to take its place in the mind, /
   instead of obeying.

clip of fireweed (14) September: Fireweeds,
Machines and the Poetry
of Listening
Sonnets to Orpheus XVIII {FIRST PART]
Do you hear the New, Lord,
rumbling and shaking?
Prophets are coming
who shall exalt it.

clip of purple gentian (13) August: The Gentian and
the Poetry of Light and Darkness
Sonnets to Orpheus IX; XIV; XXII

Everything is now at rest:
Darkness and light,
blossom and book.

clip of watergranite (12) August: Water, Granite
and the Poetry of Change
Sonnets to Orpheus XII [SECOND PART]
Desire transformation. O be aroused by the flame
wherein the one thing that eludes you in change /
    shines forth;

clip of bergkind (11) August: Children, Mountains
and the Poetry of Praise
Sonnets to Orpheus XX [SECOND PART];
Even when the world swiftly changes,
as the form of clouds,
all things completed fall
back into the Primordial.

clip of paradise (10) July: Lilies of Paradise
and the Poetry of Praise
Sonnets to Orpheus VII; V; XII; III
Song, as you teach him, is not desire,
not the touting of some final achievement;
Song is Being. Easy for a god.
But when are we to be?

clip of anemone (9) June: Windflowers and
the Poetry of Praise
Sonnets to Orpheus I; XIV; V [SECOND PART];
We, the violent ones, we last longer.
But when, in which of all lives,
are we finally open and receivers.

clip of dragonfly (8) June: The Poetry of
Images of Movement
Initial; Autumn; At the Edgeof Night;

My room and these distances,
awake over the darkening land,—
are one. I am a string, / stretched over rushing
wide resonances.

clip of skytracks (7) May: Sky Tracks—a
'Found-poem' Photo
Before Summer Rain
All at once from the green of the park,
one can't quite say, something is taken away;

clip of dogrose (6) May: Wonders in the
Form of a Flower
Wild Rosebush; [Almond trees in flower]
Almond trees in flower: all that /
   we can achieve is, with

nothing remaining, to recognize /
   ourselves in earthly appearance.

clip of salbit (5) April: Mountains
of the Heart
[Exposed on the mountains of the heart];
...in the storm my slowly grown /
Tree of Joy is breaking.
Most beautiful thing in my invisible
landscape, you who made me more knowable
to angels, invisible ones.

clip of tapoff (4) April: Tapoff, Mountain
Spring: Loneliness
Loneliness is like a rain.
It rises from the sea to meet the evening;
from the plains, which are far and remote,
it ascends to the sky, which it ever holds.

clip of alpine crocus (3) April: Alpine
Out of an April
Then it is quiet. Even the rain goes more softly
over the stones' peacefully darkening shine.

clip of blacklocust (2) March: Black Locust against
a March Sky: XXI Sonnets
to Orpheus
Sonnet to Orpheus XXI [FIRST PART]
..Strict was her teacher. The white
in the old man's beard pleases us.
Now, what to call green, to call blue,
we dare to ask: she knows, she knows!

clip of winter storm (1) March: Winter Storm:
XIII Sonnets to Orpheus
Sonnet to Orpheus XIII [SECOND PART]
...To that which used-up, as to nature's abundant
dumb and mute supply, the unsayable sums,
joyfully add yourself and the result destroy.

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